Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Dishtowels

Want to brighten up the kitchen? Pull out some of your most coveted dishtowels and enjoy them! Hang one on the oven handle. Drape one on the sink. The kitchen can be too practical sometimes...make it special instead. Some of my favorite dishtowels are by Xochi and April Cornell. I have been collection dishtowels for years - shown here is just a sampling. See the pink one in the middle? That is a Xochi with pastel cherries on it and in the spirit of "using what we love" I am going to listen to my own advice and use it tomorrow. Palmolive anyone?


Nancy said...

I also love, love, love the Xochi dishtowels! I first found them in a little boutique in Bay City I just ADORE--I think it's called Violets Blue or something like that. You'd love it, too. Then I found them at Sur La Table (LOVE that store too!). Now I am hooked. They wash up beautifully and are the perfect material. Where have you found them? At a Sur La Table in Columbus, OH this past summer they had a bunch on the clearance shelf and I was sooo excited. I had a smile on my face for the rest of the road trip. Who knew a dishtowel could do that?

Anne Reeves said...

Nancy - I love your enthusiam! I usually buy them at Sur La Table too. Yes...little things like dishtowels are very powerful!