Saturday, November 29, 2008

Advent Calendars

With only a few days until December 1st, I thought I would talk about advent calendars. Each morning you open a numbered flap on the advent calendar to reveal a Christmas image. There are so many sweet designs to choose from in retail stores, but I also want you to see a few unique examples at Blumchen, an online resource for Old World holiday papers and ornaments.

This advent calendar is actually a house by Martha Stewart Crafts. Behind each numbered panel on the roof is a compartment for candy & prizes. It was easy to assemble and I absolutely love how it looks in my dining room. I've actually decided to count down to Christmas on another advent calendar in my kitchen...I just can't bring myself to alter this roof line!


Kimmers said...

Anne, Who would've thought a paper house could look so stunning? I bet even Martha couldnt have envisioned how beautifully you were going to present it. You should send her a picture.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Kimmers! Maybe I will!