Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Break

Are you getting a well-deserved rest after the big build-up to Christmas, or are you still meeting and greeting with family and friends? I am usually in Texas the week between Christmas and New Year's, spending time with my husband's wonderful family and navigating the whirl of delicious restaurants and cute shops. But this year, we will see his family at a reunion in the Spring (Washington, DC!), so we are home for a few quiet days after the holiday. I am reading books, drinking tea and thinking about all the lovely photos I want to take in 2009.


MmeBenaut said...

We're at home too but still receiving visitors. I tried a late afternoon nap and book read but I fell asleep after only a couple of pages. Christmas can be quite exhausting!

LillyB said...

Anne, do you take down your decorations right after Christmas or wait until New Years? I don't know if there is an appropriate time to do this.
My mother's home was so decorated so nice but the little one's were so excited...paper and ribbons were flying all around!! It was really great!

Anne Reeves said...

Christmas is exhausting, for sure. I'll start to dismantle everything on New Year's Day. A great quiet day to sort and stack. By then, it is time! I like a nice clean January.