Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dean and Deluca spices in Georgetown

"Anne, do you want to go in Dean an..."

It is no big secret that I love to cook. When I saw a Dean & Deluca shop in Georgetown, it instantly moved to the top of my "must visit" list. We had a relaxing day shopping the area and finished with a culinary whirl inside this beautiful store. Long glass cases were filled with the finest meats, salads, cheeses and pastries. Everything was a picture. But what did I choose to represent my trip? A display of their signature spice tins. I have always wanted to have a ridiculously large selection of spices in tins from Dean & Deluca and here they all were before me.

How did the afternoon end? At Dean & Deluca's outdoor gelato bar. I indulged in two beautiful shades of green: pistachio and mint chocolate chip.

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Andy said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for coming to visit us, and for the kind words! Great to see a fellow foodie celebrating our spices. Come back and visit us any time, and make sure to say our GM Lino.