Monday, August 17, 2009

Ice Cream Drink

I have the perfect suggestion for a hot Summer evening...make an ice cream drink! I use the term "make" loosely, because my recipe involves the Wendy's drive-thru and some Kahlua.

A long time ago, a friend told me this super-fast recipe for a Hummer. Normally made in a blender with vanilla ice cream, Kahlua and milk, a quick trip through the drive-thru for a Frosty means you can be enjoying the night with an "instant ice cream drink" before you know it. Simply add an appropriate amount of Kahlua to a vanilla Frosty, mix and pour in a pretty glass. Voila!

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MmeBenaut said...

When I was a child we would have a scoop of vanilla icecream in a glass of ice cold lemonade. It would fizz and it was called a "spider".