Monday, October 5, 2009

Mad For Plaid

I wanted to show you a one-of-a-kind scarf that I made for Fall.

There is no pattern, really. I simply bought 8 different plaid suiting fabrics (1/4 yard each) at JoAnn Fabrics and cut them into strips and sections. I sewed the various pieces together to make two patchwork sections, each 6 inches wide and 48 inches long

I pinned "the wrong sides" of the patchwork sections together and serged around the perimeter to create a double-sided scarf.

Can you tell that I am truly mad for plaid right now?

Cider Mill here I come!


LillyB said...

It's beautiful. Oh how I long for cooler days...maybe next week??

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! It has been quite a hit with that navy windbreaker and also with a khaki trench I have.