Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Occasions

Isn't this fantastic? I had never seen such lifelike mannequins before. When I saw this display in a gown shop in Atlanta, I thought these were real people!

She looks a little sultry for a bride, but imagine this dress in any other color and she would steal the show.

I think the company that is manufacturing these mannequins is definitely onto something.

Clothes can come alive when displayed properly. And isn't that how we all imagine ourselves when shopping for a new party dress...At a special occasion, laughing, drinking and being truly alive?

May your life be filled with special occasions (and the dresses to wear to them!) xo Anne


LillyB said...

Wow!! Change is definitely in the air! She does look a little sultry LOL and life like!

Anonymous said...

That mannequin is pretty realistic. Ive seen some very real looking ones sold by Mannequin Hub. I think abstract mannequins are nicer though.