Monday, February 22, 2010

Always a Girl Scout

I was so happy when I saw an article on collecting Girl Scout memorabilia in the February issue of Country Living magazine.

I am really "keeping" rather than "collecting" Girl Scout memorabilia. I still have my beloved sash, some Girl Scout jewelry and even a green camping flashlight.

I loved every minute of being a Girl Scout. I attribute the success (and longevity) of our troop to our dedicated leader, a bevy of happy Moms and loads of fun-loving friends.

To date, my only photography training has been earning that glorious badge on the right. I wrote about the fun we had learning to take photos here.

I secretly would love to be a Girl Scout leader. Can't you see it? Me teaching the girls about Madeleine tea cakes, tapping trees for maple syrup and above all finding delight in everyday moments. Love it!


LillyB said...

You will make an awesome girl scout leader!! I am sure someone needs one somewhere...follow your heart!! You have so much to offer!! They would be so blessed to have you!

Anne Reeves said...