Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Candy Dish

This post is my pitch for the return of the candy dish.  There is something fun and generous about having candy out "for no reason."  When people discover this little display, I can almost hear inside their head, "Candy? For me?"  They act like it is a really big deal and a little unexpected chocolate makes them happy. 

I made this pedestal candy dish from an antique china dish, a candlestick base from the craft store and some Gorilla brand "Super Glue."  The quickest project ever (Open glue, run a bead of glue around the top of candlestick, center the bottom of dish over candlestick top and press together.  Allow to dry. Voila!) and I think it looks so pretty and old-fashioned.

My grandmother always had a jar of something sweet on her sideboard and it was Destination #1 when we stopped by for a visit.  This inspired me to put out my own candy dish and I tell you, these M&M chocolates are going fast!

True story:  Our giant grocery store (Meijers) has added a bulk chocolates section, including M&M-like chocolates in lots of colors.  I wasn't sure about the process - the item #, where you write that number, how it gets weighed etc., so I asked a nearby clerk for some help.  He was an older gentleman and was happy to walk me through the entire process.  Then he handed me an empty bag and I immediately started scooping out the gray candies.  He couldn't believe that out of all the colors available, I wanted the gray ones!  I may be the only person buying gray, but I think they look just gorgeous, don't you?  In design, context is everything.    


MmeBenaut said...

Yes they do look fabulous and that candy dish is beautiful and so clever. I have a glass jar with a cork stopper, with my name in gold lettering on it; it is usually full of candy and for most people, it is their first stop. I also have a jar of what I call "nuts and bolts" - it is sultanas and peanuts mixed together; for those who don't want candy. It is filled year round and when we are going out to dinner somewhere and my husband is "starving", I grab the jar and take it in the car with us. He has a couple of handfuls on the way (to soak up the pre-dinner drinks). It has been a hunger-staver worth its weight in "cocky chaff" - that's an Australian expression!

Anne Reeves said...

I love that it becomes "snack food" on the road - very fun!