Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I have seen the spirit of Christmas and actually walked around inside of it on Saturday night.

My dear friends, Dana & Lance, invited me to their home for a Country Christmas party.

I brought my friend Chrissy along and we took advantage of the hour and a half drive north to really catch up.

What took our breath away?  This 14-foot (although it looked like at least 20 to me!) fresh cedar Christmas tree.  What a sight.  The house has a lighthouse-like alcove that allows for this kind of majesty.

We were offered homemade Elderberry Wine (yum!), listened to live music played by their friends (banjo, fiddle, bass and guitar) and were truly welcomed by the group.  What a lovely way to spend a Christmas evening.

On our way home, Dana took us to Lance's aunt's house to see her Christmas spirit!  Tomorrow I will show you something incredible.

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Elaine said...

It sounds like it was a magical evening. Such a beautiful tree!