Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Art & Bougainvillea

Are you ready for a little history of Palm Beach?  I set out to take a photograph of my favorite flowering vine, Bougainvillea and I found a bit of history along the way.  First, take a look at this spectacular vine blooming in deep magenta against the bright blue sky.  Fabulous!

But I was intrigued with the mosaic tile artwork as well.  I did some research and discovered that this facade (on Peruvian street) tells the story of the shipwreck of the Spanish vessel, Providenica.  The ship was bound for Spain carrying 20,000 coconuts harvested in Trinadad.  You can read all about the ship, the mystery surrounding the shipwreck and the planting of the coconut palms here

So many beautiful palm trees (and the fact that the name Palm City was already taken!) made it easy for the pioneers to name the city...Palm Beach, of course!

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