Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bird Watching

Even the wildlife in Florida love the view!  This egret (who we think is a teenager vesion of the Great Egret) decided to visit us 6-floors up!  Most egrets nest in wetland areas (there is a pelican rookery nearby) and stay together in groups, but this guy wanted to see the view from our condo for himself, hence my deduction that he is a rebellious teenager.

He has a long s-shaped neck, but is scrunching it up due to the wind.  He first landed on the balcony, then moved to the chair to get more comfortable.  A bird visiting this high up is very unusual and I'm glad that he was willing to pose for a few pictures.

Did you know that the Great Egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society?  Our new friend, Eddie stayed at least an hour soaking up the view.  I don't blame him a bit - it's gorgeous! 


Crazy Eddie said...

How utterly thrilling to have an egret visit on your balconey! Who says you have to leave home to go birdwatching? Yes, I did know that the egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society. Did you know that I have a photo of an egret on my bedroom wall? I'm sure you didn't but that reveals that I am a big fan of egrets and that is why your story caught my eye. Loved your sharing! Thanks.

The Cranes of Nebraska

Anne Reeves said...

I know! He seemed perfectly happy to spend some time with us, although his mother must have been frantic. Glad you like the post, Eddie!

Elaine said...

I just love birdwatching when I go to Florida. There are several "regular" egrets and Blue Herons that visit my parent's backyard. I always get excited when I see them and the other birds in and around the canal.

makati condo said...

Condos with a view like this was something lovely. You can rest fast while you are seeing in front of your windows. What a peaceful mind you've got in here.

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