Thursday, May 19, 2011

Modern Sewing Basket

I have been on a "sort, organize, finish projects" bender ever since my book on Paris was published.  I think I feel like I finally have the time to finish a few things before Summer gets in full swing and I am traveling again.

This productivity was also spurred on by things like a 3-day search for my seam ripper.  I knew I had one and I couldn't find it anywhere.  Which made me realize that since getting a sewing table with drawers (at least 10 years ago), I had given up having a proper sewing basket.  And without a sewing basket, I had no real place to keep my notions.  The harder I looked for the missing seam ripper, the more sewing items I found in various drawers, boxes and jars around the house.

I needed one spot for needles, thimbles and measuring tape and I found the perfect container!  A snap together multi-level box.  I've provided a link, but I have seen these for sale in the craft/organizer section of Target and large grocery super stores.  It is clear, modern and can grow (by adding more snap-on levels) to accommodate as many notions as I can handle.  

Do you need a modern sewing basket?   

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