Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caller ID

I was told the nicest thing today.  And on top of that, it includes a wonderful suggestion that I can pass on.

I called a friend of mine today on her cell phone.  We see each other once a month at our book club, but don't talk on the phone very often.  If I call, I usually call the house. 

Today she answered her cell and she said, "I am looking at the most gorgeous flower arrangement - one you gave me in a polka dot vase!"  

Last year at this time, she hosted our book club and I brought her a bouquet (similar to the one above) in one of my painted vases.  Apparently she liked it so much that she photographed it with her phone and then "attached" it to my cell phone number as my Caller ID.  

She was so funny today describing her reaction.  "I saw this gorgeous bouquet appear on my screen and thought to myself "that's beautiful!" - it took me a few seconds to realize that I was seeing it because you were calling!  I just wanted you to know that your art lives on!"  Isn't that nice?

Do you have the type of phone that allows you attach photos to a person's phone number?  Wouldn't it be fun to use a picture of their birthday cake, a flower in their garden or some other signifying object as their "Caller ID?"  I think it is a delightful idea.  Thanks, Suzanne!  You made my day. 

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LillyB said...

That is really sweet!