Monday, November 7, 2011

Decorating with Plastic and Wood

This might not be what you think of when designers refer to mixing plastic and wood pieces in your home - but why not?  This post is to show you that "lighthearted" decorating touches don't have to look kitschy.

The new stars of the dining room are three plastic deer that I found at an antique show this weekend.  They have poise, grace and look amazing with the natural tones of my cherry dining room set.

The theme is not woodland.  I don't have a deer embroidered on every napkin.  I just happened to see this family and knew I would never find them again if I didn't buy them on the spot.  When I got home, it was clear that they could take center stage in the dining room. 

Something plastic and inexpensive can look nothing short of beautiful when displayed in the right spot.

The fun part?  I picked up the mother deer and her fawn ($5 for the pair) and as she was wrapping them, the dealer told me that she had broken the antlers on the buck that morning.  Oh no! I would have loved to have the father too, I told her.  To which she proceeded to rummage under her table until she pulled him out and said, "You can have him."

To her, he lost all of his value because of a few broken points.  But to me, keeping the family together is priceless.       


Elena said...

Beautiful! I like the mix.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Elena! and welcome!

Elaine said...

So very true. I have quite a few deer in with my decorations that I set out at Christmas, but I like the idea of setting them out at other times of the year as well.