Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cranberry Jello

My go-to J-ello recipe at the holidays is the "cranberry-cream cheese mold" on the Kraft foods website. You can mold it in a Bundt pan for a decorative presentation (so pretty!) and it always goes quick on a holiday buffet. A tip: make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature when you beat it into the jello, otherwise the two ingredients won't blend as easily.

Why am I showing you a box of cranberry Jell-O? Because they sell out this time of year. If you are at all thinking about giving this recipe a try, buy the Jell-O when you see it at the store. The next time you shop, it may be out of stock. Just a friendly tip from a Jell-O devotee.


Janice said...

Thanks for the "heads up", Anne. I just opened the box I had and used a few teaspoons for the filling for a cake recipe I was making. I will make it a point to pick up a few boxes at Wed Sr Citizens discount shopping day. Every little bit saved counts!!

Elaine said...

I saw your tweet and whe. I was at the store last week I remembered what you said and bought a couple of boxes to try making it this year. :)