Friday, March 16, 2012

City Series: Las Vegas, A Little Paris

Sweet, no?  I had to stop by the hotel, Paris Las Vegas, while I was in town.  You can't drive by the Eiffel Tower all week and not go in, at least for a croissant, right?  The shopping area is cobbled streets, false storefronts and as you can see, the ceiling is painted like the sky.  It really is neat and a fun place to stroll after dinner.  I found the casino, which is directly behind me in this photo, to be not too loud or smokey, so this stroll was very pleasant.  The shops here used to sell authentic French merchandise (dishes, tea towels, mustards and such) but I didn't see anything in the shops worth visiting.  If you come, make sure it is for a sweet treat and casual stroll, then you will not be disappointed. 
When we were in the cab heading back from the Stratosphere, the cab driver knew where I wanted to go, but was urging me to stop and see the new Cosmopolitan Hotel instead.  I appreciated his enthusiam, but I told him, "You can never talk a girl out of Paris."  Ha!

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