Monday, April 23, 2012

Goldfinch Feeder

My new bird feeder is worth it's weight in gold, if you'll pardon the pun.  It is specifically for goldfinch and for a mere $5 (complete with nyjer seed!), it is my best purchase in a long time.  I can sit in my office working away on my next book (yea!) and see these super sweet birds enjoying lunch.  
My parents gave me a goldfinch sack feeder a few years ago (which I hung in this same dogwood tree) and that is how I came to realize how much I enjoy birdwatching. The sack, however, was too fragile for the area I hang it.  The squirrels could jump/dangle and tear it open easily.  This plastic tube feeder hasn't been touched by the squirrels at all.  And it is not a "one time use" feeder.  I am happy to report that you can pull the top off and refill as needed.  I'll track down the brand (I bought it at Meijers, our local grocery superstore) and list it here soon.
Have you ever hung a goldfinch feeder?

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