Monday, August 27, 2012

Anna Griffin Paper Tape

I love how my new table setting looks!  This is Step 2 in my pursuit of the color "biscuit" for my kitchen.  I bought four new dinner plates, salad plates and mugs (with a matching platter in the center) for my birthday to support the soft aqua elements in my kitchen.  Remember Step 1?

It all came together when I could finally use my custom vase and fill it with pale pink roses.  I made this vase more than a year ago with an empty jar (horseradish sauce?) and strips of adhesive Anna Griffin paper tape.  Isn't it beautiful?

Part of this post is to remind your creative spirit that sometimes you have to wait to showcase your art.  When inspiration struck, I taped the glass jar with varying patterns of pastel tape.  It was perfect and I loved it, but it was also probably Fall outside and I was thinking about apple pie.  I didn't force it.  I didn't display it.  I put it away and waited for the perfect time, a lot like you would with a bottle of wine or new necklace.  Even in interior design, timing can be everything.

(Plates, "Palm" and "Ashwood Bronze" @Home Target...yes, Target!) 

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