Monday, October 22, 2012

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

I was in shopping in Houston at a shop called British Isles when I found this product called Hot Chocolate Sticks.  I chose dark chocolate and the salesgirl told me that hot chocolate on a stick was a very popular seller lately.  She said that once her customers try them, they always come back for more.

When you take a block of Belgian chocolate and swirl it in a cup of hot milk until melted, how could you go wrong?  You can't; it was delicious.  I had been saving my hot chocolate stick for a chilly day and on a damp and rainy day last week it really hit the spot.

I think these sticks would be perfect kept in a jar and you could pull them out as a treat during book club or a knit night.  Hot Chocolate on a Stick, why didn't I think of that?   

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