Friday, January 11, 2013

Sewing Notion Stickers

Look what Santa put in my stocking! A set of stickers inspired by sewing notions.  Does he know me or what?

The set is made by the "French General" division of jolee's boutique (manufactured by EKSuccess).  Each button has a foam adhesive square on the back and can be attached to letters or scrapbook pages. In my case, I think the most likely place for me to attach one is on paper-covered match box.  It would look sew cute. 

I actually have 2 sets - this one called "turquoise notion kit" and another with buttons and trim in shades of red.  The arrangement is so artistic, I plan to frame one of them - I'm just not sure which!  Don't you think it would make a sweet piece of art on a desk in a bedroom?      

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