Sunday, June 22, 2014

Seattle: Ferries Deliver A Terrific Skyline View

Every visitor to Seattle has "capture the skyline" on the must do list.  Most people think "up," but I want you to think "out."  Look at the magnificent photo I was able to take from a ferry!

I wanted to visit Bainbridge Island while I was in Seattle but I dragged my feet making the plans because I knew I would have to ride a ferry.  I was very seasick on my ferry ride to Victoria, B.C. (Yes, it's true, I was the only one that felt the rocking and swaying - everyone else aboard was eating nachos and reading.), so I wanted to pick a perfectly quiet day.  Sunday was the day! 75 degrees and full sun.

My husband pointed out that it was wonderful to get a "boat ride" in the Puget Sound, in addition to actually getting transported to our destination.  He was right, it was a beautiful trip and I took some of my best photographs from the deck of the ferry.
Mount Rainier was "out" (Did you know that Seattleites refer to whether you can see the mountain the same way we refer to the sun?) and she looked postcard-perfect against the clear sky and deep blue water.  The Washington State ferry in the photo was similar to the car ferry that I was traveling on.

When you are visiting Seattle, be sure to ride a ferry out of downtown Seattle.  You can travel with your car or as a passenger and the relaxing boat ride will be one you will never forget.

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