Monday, September 22, 2014

Seattle: Tallulah's Neighborhood Cafe in Capitol Hill

Talluhlah's is a great spot for a date. It is on the corner of Mercer and 19th Ave in Capitol Hill, just down from the Hello Robin cookies/Molly Moon ice cream dessert shop. The decor is black and white and has a Pottery Barn-meets-Great Gatsby feel to it. They have a large beautiful bar and an upscale menu, but the mood is relaxed enough to let the fresh air in, with walls that open up to the patio tables and beyond. The white twinkle lights remind you how close you are to dining under the stars.

We enjoyed their Three Dips with Crudités & Lavash Crackers, which includes a castelvetrano olive tapenade, walnut muhammara and a red pepper hummus (above). Nice sharp flavors that could stand up to the fizz of my sparkling water and the bite of Dan's ginger beer.
I ordered the Hanger Steak with fingerling potatoes, with a side of beets and goat yogurt. Dan had the Neah Bay King Salmon with corn and edamame and added a twice baked sweet potato with maple. We shared back and forth and everything was good, but my favorite dish was the sweet potato, which was whipped and almost souffle like. Note to self, this Thanksgiving, figure out how to make a sweet potato souffle! 
After dinner, hold hands and wander a few doors down for a sweet treat. It will be a lovely evening, I promise.

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