Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fall Decoration & Recipe: A Nutty Idea

I was shopping with my friend Tracey last year when I found this darling squirrel tray. It is made of wood and looks great on my island corralling garlic and onions or in the center of my table surrounded by candles. The squirrel is a symbol of Tracey's sorority, so she bought one too! When I brought it out this year to celebrate the season, I decided to take this photo to send to Tracey and remind her of our fun visit. Just before I snapped the picture, my mom suggested I put one of the acorn-shaped corn muffins I'd made for dinner in his hand. Ha! She's always thinking. 

I have found the same squirrel tray online here, if he speaks to you.

I am going to make my chocolate-dipped acorns, now that I have the perfect place to serve them. Remember when I made these for a party back in Michigan? I swear a girl told me she was taking some home in her purse!
This treat has one roasted almond stuffed inside a chocolate-dipped date. The acorn topping is more pulverized roasted almonds. They are delicious. You can find my recipe here.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Dahlia Barn: Their Own Magnificent Color Story

Last weekend, Dan and I drove to the Dahlia Barn in North Bend, Washington to buy some fresh flowers. I wanted one bouquet to keep and one to give. Their farm is bursting and most of these dahlias are taller than me. This Washington farm is happy and healthy.
I met Jerry & Aimee Sherrill in 2014 when I was still living in Seattle hotels part time and had a houseful of groceries back in Michigan. I didn't know then that in 4 short years, I would be living in Washington just 15 minutes from their farm! Here is my original post about the Dahlia Barn.
Twice a year since then, I would stop in at their farm or their Northwest Flower & Garden Festival booth and say hello. It has almost become a joke, because when I saw them every 6 months my circumstances seemed to change. First "my husband was consulting in Seattle", then "we were in town looking for an apartment," then "we were selling our house and making the move permanent." It took many visits before I could announce that I owned a house with a yard and that my dahlia growing had a future. We are just getting used to our new climate and I look forward to growing lots of Dahlia Barn tubers in the future.
When we arrived for a bouquet, Aimee encouraged us to go into the barn to see their "flower show." When I saw the display, I immediately thought of a new box of crayons! Aren't they wonderful?
Catalogs are one thing, but I can't think of a better way for a customer to shop for their garden than to see each bloom in its glory. Which is your favorite?
The farm sells fresh cut bouquets in September-October each year. This was the last weekend for the year. Now it is time for them to tend the farm and prep the tubers for the winter. You can place your order for next Spring anytime. I encourage you to scour their website and dream up a winning combination for your garden. I guarantee that in 2019, I will be growing dahlias! 

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Family Medical Leave

***Update: It's early October and I'm happy to report that my mom is doing well and is back living near me in Washington. It's been a tumultuous summer, but we made it! I am going to fill in the blog backwards now, so that you don't miss any of the delightful moments that I wanted to share. Thank you all for your support! 

Can you take FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) from your own blog? My mom had to have emergency surgery in northern Michigan and I flew from Seattle to be with her. Surgery was a success but I need to focus on her for the time being. I encourage you to look back over the 2,500 posts I have written over the past 11 years and enjoy those. Thank you for understanding.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Tupperware Museum: A Colorful Diversion

It is true. I went to the Tupperware Museum (and Headquarters) when I was at a family reunion in Orlando. I'm more of a Pyrex girl, but the women of the family declared it was to be Tupperware then pedicures, and I am not one to stand in the way of girl fun.
When I talked to my mother-in-law on the phone that night, she started naming off the pieces she owned and how they had never let her down. I don't have any Tupperware, but it was neat to read the descriptions in the exhibit and learn about their role in empowering women to make their own money. It really was ground-breaking for women to sell to other women in their homes.
Though I didn't spring for any of these containers, tempting as they were, my family made a major dent in their inventory and I'm sure created a blip on the sales reports. It was a fun stop for us, we took a group picture and all reminisced about wedding showers and the challenge of cupcake carrying. It was light and fun (and air conditioned. 96 degrees in Orlando that week).
Thank you, Tupperware, for a lovely walk down memory lane.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hadley Pottery: Tea Sets the Mood

I have started a new collection! It's Hadley Pottery and I just love it. I think what speaks to me is the fact that its based in blue and that the style is charming. It's sturdy enough to really be used. The themes painted on each piece are sweet and classic. And the style is rustic enough for a man to use too. Dan won't balk at drinking out of a mug with a horse or a farmer on it. I'm just saying.

I grew up drinking warm milk and Ovaltine in a cow mug that had "The End" painted in the bottom of the cup. I loved it then and my mom has gifted it to me since. 

My Hadley collection has been growing quickly and that wonderful story is for another time. Today I simply want to make you aware of this American pottery and show you how cute it looks on my sideboard on a Scandinavian tray. Don't you love it? I see it every time I walk through the house and it gives me Visual Vitamins.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Family Reunion in Orlando Florida

We just had a great week at my husband's family reunion in Florida and I wanted to share this rental location with you because it was perfect. The rental property certainly doesn't know that I'm posting this, but I feel that something this great should be shared. Maybe you can have a delightful family reunion too. 
The goal of this reunion is to rent a house for a week that can accommodate 28-30 people. I know, that's a tall order. This rental property had a nice room with private bath for each of the family units. The kitchen is huge and the large clean space made it fun to cook as teams each night. The location is close to all of the amusement parks and every generation seemed to find something they loved to do nearby.

The price varies by season, of course, and we were there when Florida is at its hottest (96 degrees is no joke). If you are looking for an Orlando getaway for a large group, this could be a great home base. Drink some orange juice for me, okay?

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Amuse Yourself with the Perfect Matchbox

When I love a color or pattern, I have to use it. I have to find a way to incorporate it into my life as art, jewelry or something. In this case, the item I fell for was adhesive paper pineapples. They were whimsical, gently colorful and completely wonderful. 

I bought them at a craft store and I knew that I would love seeing them on a small match box. I chose scrapbook paper to complement the pineapples and set to work. 

First I slide the drawer of matches out of the box. I use the box as a template and trace the paper to the size I need. Remember to leave one side of the "strike a match" box uncovered so that you can still light matches. I cut the paper to size and use Elmer's white glue and a sponge brush to apply a thin layer of glue to one side of the box. I gently put the paper in place on the glue, smooth it out and let it dry. Once it's dry you can bend the paper at the corners and get a better/closer fit and you glue the remaining 2 sides. Once the entire box is dry, you may want to take fine scissors and trim off any excess paper. Now glue/stick on the adornment of your choice. Slide the drawer of matches back into the box and you're ready to put it on display.

We spend time buying just the right candles for our home, I think the match box nearby should be just as perfect. If you start looking in the sticker/embellishment department in the craft store, I bet your mind will start racing. Should you go with a theme? color? The choice is yours, just promise to show me when you're finished.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Twixy Shortbread Bars: An Exercise in Indulgence

I love to eat a Twix bar when I am rolling my cart through Joann Fabrics. It is the intersection of a sweet treat and a sweet trip. 

So when I saw a recipe for a Twixy Shortbread Bar in Better Homes and Garden magazine, I had to try it. I have been thinking about this recipe for months and I finally tried it this week.

It is really a chocolate truffle on caramel on shortbread. Delicious but almost too decadent. The recipe makes an entire 13 x 9 pan and unlike most cookies, you really can't eat more than one or two. I've been handing them out to the neighbors saying, "Pace Yourself."

I used Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips and that makes a huge difference in the quality of the dessert. I recommend this cookie, but I also hesitate to call it a cookie. It is an exercise in indulgence. Enjoy!

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Heirloom Tomatoes

My kingdom for a tomato that tastes like a tomato. I love this time of year for every reason under the sun, but especially for the farmer's markets. I love walking in the sunshine, talking to the farmers and ogling all of the gorgeous produce and flowers. I bought 5 of these beauties to accompany a beautiful grilled salmon dinner. 

My favorite sauce for grilling? Mix apricot jam and Dijon mustard and brush over salmon when it is almost cooked. Serve a side of sauce with the meal. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Some Roses, Pincushion Flowers and Love

I love a little bubble gum pink rose, don't you? This happy arrangement is comprised of an inexpensive mystery rose I bought at a garden center, verbena, lavender and the showstopper, deep blue scabiosa (pincushion flower) from my visit to the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

I made this bouquet 5 days into owning the scabiosa, so the petals are a little tired, but the color is true!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market: Can You Hear My Heart A Flutter

Sometimes you walk into a new place and see something that confirms you're in the right place. My oh my, look at this kaleidoscope of color. Fresh and fragrant roses on display at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market
I have wanted to visit this private wholesale market for ages. I follow them on Instagram @seattlewholesalegrowersmarket so I am reminded regularly of their beautiful and unusual offerings.

On the website, the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market describe themselves as "a co-operative of flower growers and all year round we bring the best flowers in the Pacific Northwest to our member-owned market." The market is open to the public on Fridays from 10-12. 

My 2 college friends, Tracy & Kerry, were in town last week. The day we set aside to tour Seattle coincided with the public day at the market. Get in the car!  
Though this morning is open to the public, the wholesale pricing is reserved for the professionals, which is only fair. I loved walking around the booths and seeing flowers right out of the field. These deep blue scabiosa (or Pincushion flower) won me over and I bought a bundle from Ojeda Farms in Ethel, WA.  
When I was in line to pay, I had to photograph this florist's cart. She had combed the market and selected a riot of color and texture for her client. Go girl go!
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Monday, July 23, 2018

Seattle: Matt's in the Market has a Must Try Fishwich

I can count on one hand how many times I've ordered a fish sandwich, yet when I was at Matt's in the Market in Seattle last week, I knew it was the right thing to do. And the fish that day was halibut, and I love halibut.

Well, this may have been the best sandwich I've ever eaten. Truly. The Fishwich is described as iceberg lettuce, mam lil's pepper aioli, bacon and saved sweet onion on brioche. The battered fish was hot and tender; the chew of thick cut bacon gives resistance and heft to each bite; the sauce completely necessary though I have no idea what was in it and the slightly charred fresh brioche bun made me question why I hadn't eaten here sooner.

My 2 college friends were in town and while showing off Pike Place Market, the crowd started to get thick and I suggested trying a restaurant that I had heard about for lunch. It had been a busy morning and we needed a chance to sit down and absorb the experience. Bravo me. I'm so glad that Matt's name came to mind and that I was able to find it. We were on foot on Pike Street and I used Google Maps to walk to the corner of Pike and First. You have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to find it, though we found the easy access elevator once we were upstairs.

The sandwich was served with a side of watermelon strawberry gazpacho drizzled with olive oil. We loved that too and wondered all day if the hint of herb we detected had been tarragon or savory. The next afternoon, we decided to make our own batch of watermelon gazpacho. Thanks for the inspiration, Matt!   

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Fruit Cup to the Stars

Now THIS is a fruit cup. One of the vendors at Pike Place Market had unique mixed berry cups for sale for $5. This artistic selection consisted of currents, cherries, golden raspberries and blackberries. 

This is a super smart marketing tool too. Customers can sample unusual berries and fall in love with new varieties, ones they may have never tasted otherwise.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Golden Arch of Flowers on Mother Daughter Trip

I must show you this spectacular Golden Chain arch that I saw at Bayview Farm & Garden on Whidbey Island on May 24, 2018 (for your reference when you are trying to visit it in years to come). It resembles a wisteria and smells heavenly.
What I really love is that they announce that it is blooming on the nursery's sign board out by the road. It tells all the people whizzing by, "Hey! You're going to want to stop and see this." And boy are they right. It is an incredible example of a healthy plant having just the right conditions to flourish.
It was a beautiful day and I was on a day trip with my mom and her friends (and their daughters!) from their apartment building. We had taken the ferry to Whidbey Island to visit one of their friends and had cleared the whole day to have lunch and go gallivanting. 
Our group loves gardening and we caused a stir when we saw this beauty in full bloom. We naturally started posing for pictures. It was all I could do not to strike a dramatic "America's Next Top Model" pose, the lighting and conditions were right! Think of the close up framed in yellow blossoms! But alas, I posed normally with my mom and then corralled the rest of the ladies into appropriate combinations.
Sometimes a case of being in the right place at the right time is up to Mother Nature. Remember to look for the beauty of every day moment and if you see a sign that says something is happening, Go Look!

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pike Place Market: Foodies & Families

When you visit Pike Place Market (and you must visit Pike Place Market), you will be overwhelmed with the people, the flowers, the fish and the overall bounty of Seattle. The fruit is bigger, the selection is wider and the staff is friendlier. I am always impressed and I want you to come and enjoy it. And now you can walk past some of the artisans and walk outside on a huge open air platform (near the Market Parking Garage on the map) to enjoy the fresh air and activity on Puget Sound. Don't miss this chance to watch the ferry traffic.
I suggest you download this official map that will help you understand where you are and what is not to be missed. I personally recommend these places to stop and snack. If I've blogged about them, I will leave a link for you below.

Confectional - tiny delicious cheesecakes (trust me)
Starbucks Original storefront on Pike
Piroshky Piroshky - Russian pastries
Rachel's Ginger Beer - delicious hot, I like Lemon Ginger
Daily Dozen Doughnuts
Ellenos Greek Yogurt - try some, but get the Lemon Curd
Pike Place Chower - excellent clam chowder in a bread bowl
I know that this photograph looks like a painting, but it is real and unedited, I swear. The light was just that good that day. Enjoy.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Coffee Foam Art: Starbucks Roastery

I wanted to share this beautiful coffee foam art on our lattes at the Starbucks Roastery. I love the wood serving tray, and how the dark chocolates match the mugs. Beautiful.

We often bring our out of town guests for a decaf coffee and a chance to sit down after a whirlwind tour of the city. Our friends always enjoy it and in the winter, when its another dreary Seattle night, the beautiful felt curtains, leather furniture and copper touches helps to make the space feel cozy and special. I wrote about visiting Starbucks' impressive roastery here and three years later, I still feel just as enamored with it. 

Now I drink lattes daily, but when I don't have to order it "to go," I'm enchanted with they serve it to me with a delicate heart drawn in the foam. It is a moment of delight and I appreciate it.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Easy Planting Tip for Indoor Pots

I saw this tip on a garden show (was it British icon Monty Don?) a few months back and when I went to move this indoor plant into a more permanent home, it came back to me. After choosing a pot with drainage holes (or placing rocks/pottery shards to allow water to collect in the bottom), remove the plant from the pot it has been growing in and use that empty container to use as a guide to fill the new pot with dirt. You can manipulate the plastic container, turn and pack the dirt and fill to the right height easily. Then remove the plastic guide pot...
And you are left with a hole the exact size of the plant you are moving. I gently lowered it into the dirt hole and it was as snug as a bug. Perfect!

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Moment in Time: Cascadia Iris Farm

("Team Player" shown above)
It is a little premature to send you specifically to see the iris garden at Cascadia Iris Farm in Lake Stevens, WA but I want you to know about them and reach out to them if you are looking for a certain variety. If you love iris, there is a moment in time when they are in their glory and I couldn't resist tracking down an iris garden within reach.
I was impulsive and jumped in the car without reading their website, which specifically says there are only certain days that the garden is open. Whoops.
So I tip-toed around and took a few pictures to share. Their website explains a tough transition to their new property and some related crop loss. But they are on their way back and the varieties in their display gardens were healthy and happy. I wish them well and will watch as their business grows.
  ("Marrying Kind" shown above)

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Anne Held Reeves, Beta Pi, Michigan State has Moved to Seattle

I am honored to have this little article I wrote published in print in my sorority's national magazine, as well as online on their website. Enjoy!
(Photo during a trip to West Seattle farmer's market)

I was moving to Seattle and could count the number of people I knew out there on one hand. Kappa Alpha Theta has an alumnae chapter in Seattle, so I transferred my membership with high hopes of making friends out West.
I immediately joined the alumnae chapter’s book club. I famously arrived at my first meeting directly from the airport the night I moved. Now, when we all introduce ourselves at a chapter event, one of the girls invariably remembers meeting me when I first arrived in Seattle and tells everyone, "And I mean when she first arrived!" It's fun, and it tells the others that connecting and showing up when I say I will is important to me. 

That winter, I attended several Theta alum book club nights and it felt wonderful to belong. It might sound funny, but after a day of strangers, it felt so nice to be invited into someone’s home. The tradition in this book club is for the hostess to serve a light meal, usually a hearty soup with fresh bread. The members do their best to contribute wine, appetizers, and very often store-bought cookies. We have a glass of wine and spend the first little while getting reacquainted. It’s great because in addition to the core 10 members (who may or may not make it each month), we always have one or two new women drop in. The attendance ebbs and flows due to work schedules, and that’s okay. The members are understanding. You’ll be interested to know that our ages range from mid-20s to early 70s. 

The differences in our lives foster terrific book discussions. Although most of the book club members have lived in Seattle for at least a few years, when we start talking, our anecdotes and reflections remind us that we began our lives as Thetas at different times and places all over the country. It is that life experience that makes our discussions so rich. Making friends as an adult is challenging, but leaning on your affiliations (school, church, volunteer) can really help you get a leg up. I am so thankful to have our sorority to help us connect (finger snaps).

It has been two years since that first night at book club and I am indebted to these women who were the first in Seattle to learn my name. In that time, we have built a house, moved all our possessions out of storage and have started making a life for ourselves in the Pacific Northwest. 

It was such a nice night! We tried new recipes and ate a lovely meal out on the patio. We even talked about the possibility of making an all cookbook book club, because we all like to cook and really enjoyed having a full meal at our gathering. Who knows, it just might happen! I look forward to whatever my Theta sisters cook up.

I wanted to highlight our book club and this evening in particular because it was the night the Theta alumnae dedicated our August meeting to our love of cookbooks. The leaders suggested we check out fellow Theta and Seattleite, Heather Christo's cookbooks and blog for recipe ideas. Heather was the guest speaker at our 2016 holiday luncheon, and she has a gift for making allergen-free recipes look especially tempting.

Anne Held Reeves, Beta Pi/Michigan State, is a member of the Seattle Alumnae Chapter.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding: Celebrating Harry, Meghan & Windsor Castle

How could I be so lucky? I am in a new neighborhood and some ladies on another street put together a Royal Wedding viewing party. It was festive, fabulous and I met some terrific women. When Prince William & Kate married in 2011, I had my family over for a party at 4 am. Remember my Royal Brunch?
The invite to this party suggested wedding attire and a facinator of your choice. I accepted the challenge and made mine out of a sheet music, burlap roses and leaves (Hobby Lobby), pleated brown silk ribbon and a Steampunk-esque metal/crystal brooch attached to a headband with duct tape and luck. 
The group went all out for this British buffet, including authentic sausage rolls from a shop called The British Pantry in Redmond, WA. How have I not heard of this place before? I was told that it is a pub and a gift shop. I'm hoping that they sell mugs to commemorate the marriage. Stay tuned.
I brought a jar of homemade lemon curd and a plate of mini scones and brown sugar shortbread. They were a welcome addition to the party.

Brown Sugar Shortbread

1 1/4 c. all purpose flour
3 T. brown sugar
1/2 c. butter
3/4 t. vanilla

Combine flour all ingredients in a food processor (fit with a blade) and pulse until mixture resembles fine crumbs and starts to cling to itself. On a clean surface, form the mixture into a ball and knead until smooth. Roll onto a lightly floured surface (I love this baking mat) into a 8 x 6 inch rectangle. Cut dough into strips and place on ungreased cookie sheet (using parchment paper on your cookie sheet is okay). Bake at 325 degrees  for 20 min or until just beginning to brown. Allow to cool on a wire rack. Enjoy alone or with lemon curd. 

Did you know that I've been to Windsor Castle? We went specifically to see Queen Mary's dollhouse. Cameras were not allowed inside, but my memory of that visit is vivid. Grand canopied beds, intricate wallpaper, tiny exquisite paintings - all created by craftspeople in the 1920's. The link includes a video of the dollhouse; I highly recommend viewing it.
One of the neatest things I photographed outside of Windsor Castle was this wall that shows how men were able to shoot arrows out of the fortress to protect the monarchy. Simple and ingenious. 

This Royal Wedding was everything I could hoped it would be. I found some kindred spirits, had a chance to eat some favorite British fare and I witness every moment of this grand occasion. Best Wishes to the happy couple.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Edible Seattle: Sunsets & Salami

It was as spectacular as it looks. A birthday celebration for our friend Shannon diverted to the roof of her apartment building to enjoy the sunset. Time waits for no man and thankfully someone realized it was almost sunset and we were able to make our way to the roof in time. This was a 70-degree day ending in a sunset behind the Olympic Mountains. We waited through a lot of rain for this; Spring is finally here. 
I confess that I had to hit a lot of "adjust" buttons to make this photo turn out. We were back lit and completely dark before technology intervened. Don't count on the lighting or the shade of the sky, just know that Dan and I were there together on a gorgeous night in our new life in Seattle. 
We returned to the apartment for cake (!) and more of this absolutely gorgeous offering. I photographed it to show you how high quality ingredients, like salami and prosciutto from Salumi and one show-stopper item, in this case Salt Spring Island Cheese (which comes adorned with edible flowers) can make a charcuterie platter Insta-worthy. Now that is what I call Edible Seattle

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Dinner in Waco: Diamond Back's

I know where you should have dinner when you are visiting The Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. Diamond Back's

I was in line to check out at Magnolia Market and I overheard the women next to me talking to the shop girl about her dinner plans. I jokingly said, "Where are we going?" She kindly looped me into her conversation and told me that she had heard great things about Diamond Back's and their broad menu. She had made a reservation for 8 people and felt happy to have secured a place for dinner. She generously referred to her phone and gave me the restaurant's phone number.
It was exactly what we were looking for! After a long hot day of fun, a beautiful dinner in a cool and quiet restaurant was perfect. We both had a big salad with apples and pecans, warm popovers and a trio of salmon, steak and shrimp. The food was delicious and frankly, I wished we had doubled back here for our 2nd night instead of trying a casual barbecue place. This was perfect for a girls trip and I highly recommend it!

#dinnerinwaco #magnoliamarket #wacotx #diamondbacks #fixeruppertrip