Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Box of Chocolates?

Life is like a box of...lip gloss?  My friend Corinne swooned a little when she found this "box of chocolates" lip gloss by Two's Company and then presented me with these sweet treats just because

Each bon bon is nestled in a paper wrapper and has a different chocolate-scented lip gloss inside (just turn it over and lift the lid).  The heady scents make me want to reach for the nearest Hershey bar - no joke!  The flavors include: Chocolate Vanilla Creme, Mocha, Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Strawberry Creme and I love them all.  It brings back fond memories of a giant tube of Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers lip gloss I had when I was in Junior High - it was Tootsie Roll flavor and I wore it every chance I got. 

I've moved this little set around the house (kitchen counter, office sideboard, front table) and every time I come upon the box it makes me happy.  A little bit of delight in the most unexpected form.   

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