Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My Family Made A Birdhouse from a Gourd

I'd like to start this post by saying that my husband, Dan is a wonderful guy. He is the sole reason that the birdhouse you are admiring exists and he quietly worked on it with my mom until the day they decided it was ready to hang and they needed me for cord. I was in the background every step of the way, but I didn't really realize that it would work until it worked. Isn't it beautiful? 

My mom has loved birdhouse gourds forever and has collected a few over the years that were professionally dried, carved by an artist and made into a birdhouse or art. This last summer when the 3 of us were at the farmer's market, she chose 2 fresh birdhouse gourds and talked up the project of drying them to make a birdhouse.

Dan listened to her as she talked to her about drilling holes in the bottom, where it should be stored, how to prevent mold. I was on to the next booth of flowers. Dan carried the gourds.

Then over the next few months, the 2 of them worked on this project a few minutes here and there. They kept the gourds on top of my mom's refrigerator and Dan shook and scooped the seeds out periodically as it dried. He used a dremel to expand the hole and made a perch out of a twig crammed in a hole. It looked great! I bought a variety of cording with me and luckily it matched the tone of the dried gourd beautifully, because that it the kind of thing my mom and I love. So, Voila! 

We hung it on her patio and it is ready for occupancy. I found an article on growing and making gourd birdhouses to share for some great advice if this has inspired you.    

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Master Gardener Plant Sale at UW Center for Urban Horticulture

Look what I got! Omphalodes cappadocica "Starry Eyes", a St. Ola Geranium, and a Geranium "Rose Madder"- I planted them in my front garden where I can tend them. You can also see that I got a stevia to try near my herbs on my deck.
Last spring I had a wonderful afternoon shopping the Master Gardener Plant Sale with my new friend Erica (you saw us judging the Northwest Flower & Garden Show together). This year the sale will likely be postponed due to Social Distancing Requirements. Stay tuned to this website for 2020 information. I still want to tell you about this great event and encourage you to put it on your "Future Fun" list.
The sale has an extensive plant selection and is a terrific place to buy plants because there are Master Gardeners on site to counsel shoppers and make recommendations. 
"You are sure to find a huge selection of plants: many varieties of veggie starts, herbs and tomatoes, perennials and grasses, and natives and ornamental shrubs and trees...Master Gardeners have been propagating and potting plants since last fall to ensure that you have a huge selection of perennials, fuchsias, unusual heirloom perennials included, along with ornamental plants including trees and shrubs, and natives." - Master Gardener Foundation of King County website

I want to share a terrific resource I found on the Master Gardener website - a link to a pronunciation guide at Fine Gardening magazine. It is fantastic. I made Erica laugh the other day when we were looking at a garden and I called said a plant looked like was "Needum more coloris," implying it was a choice the landscape designer made to enhance an overly green area of the garden. I do not know the Latin names of plants and I think that is okay. However, I do think this pronunciation resource is very helpful to anyone that is interested in gardening and I thank them for posting it. 

Erica was very interested in buying rare tomato starts at this sale and I enjoyed hearing her speak with Master Gardener Marcia Dillon about particular tomato qualities, flavor and performance. Passion and enthusiasm are wonderful qualities and I love when I meet someone and hear their voice soar. When you are the third wheel in a conversation and you find yourself wondering if you have enough sun for tomatoes, you know you've found yourself an expert.

That is the beauty of gardening and gardeners. Come rub elbows with some fantastic Master Gardeners at the annual plant sale outside the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture. I know you will start to look forward to it, just like I am.

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