Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival: Seattle Feb 9 - 13

Pinch me! It feels like an eternity since I could announce Seattle's Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, but in truth, they really only missed 1 year holding the show in person. Isn't it weird what the mind can perceive? 

All I know is that absence makes the heart grow fonder

If you are comfortable attending an event again (please note the safety guidelines), this is the show for you! House plants, garden inspiration, book signings, educational classes, art vendors. 

Happy Spring! P.S. We just bought a snow blower, as I live in the foothills of the Cascades, so I'll be ready for anything! ;-)

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Northwest Flower & Garden Show: Emerge and Explore

I was able to attend the press tour for the Northwest Flower & Garden (before the show opens tomorrow), and I am so grateful to be back. If you read the health and safety protocols in place and feel ready to attend, I encourage you to come to the Washington State Convention Center and find a breath of Spring. The show is open Feb 9-13 in downtown Seattle. All show details, times and programming are at .


I loved this show garden by Urban Earth Nursery. They have so many layers of plants, woven trellis and edible aspects to their display. They've got my mind racing. In the image below, you can see they've layered in an old apothacary unit to add interest to the space. When you walk around to the front, you can't miss the welcoming picnic blanket emphasizing the theme of an edible garden. The show program states
"Urban Earth Nursery presents a whimsical, slightly futuristic, yet practical space featuring an abundance of stunning, edible plants. These unique perennial edibles provide a joyful, spring energy, perfect for those looking to grow their own produce while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. Just be sure to admire this display with your eyes instead of your tastebuds!" 

I met Rooted In Landscape designer Smitha, who is a newcomer to the City Living design section (areas spotlighting ideas for apartment dwellers who may have balconies or may need to focus their gardening inside a small space). She had a fantastic entry loaded with ideas to add plants and great design to your work from home space. She featured a living chandalier over the couch and included a small modern fish tank to add style AND aquatic plants. Her #thelivingworkspace had humor and great design insight into how we really want to work at home. It was wonderful and I know you could get loads of great ideas working with her.
In another section of the massive convention center floor, I found a moment of calm admiring the sound of the water feature and magnificent trees in the Redwood Builders Landscaping show garden. I was forest bathing and wanted more. Please be sure to stop and admire trio of bonsai in the photograph below.
"Take a moment of silence to reflect in this tranquil garden. Named after the Japanese term for forest bathing, this serene display centers around a large and old ekianthus, water features and several bonsai. Destress and listen to the sounds of the stream or enjoy natural reflections in the pond while gazing at the expertly pruned bonsai set in stones and lava rocks." - NWFGF 2022 program
Of course I instantly loved this compact City Living display (below), "A Pacific Northwest Ode to Hygge" by Sunrise Design. The tonal colors of birch, flesh and cream offset the lush green so beautifully. Don't miss the beautiful macrame wall hanging that holds a plant in its pocket.
After we got our quick preview of the show floor, my GardenComm (formerly Garden Writers of America) colleagues and I took turns getting photos at the Hartley-Botanic greenhouse, which was loaded with orchids contributed by the Northwest Orchid Society. 
I'm intentionally ending with this photograph because it is not lost on me just how much WORK putting on a show of this magnitude is. I applaud the men and women who donned a mask, rolled up their sleeves and showed up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world is slowly moving out of the pandemic and it requires risk and heart to believe that the public will return and enjoy what we once held dear. This is the first Northwest Flower & Garden show since Covid 19 sent shock waves through the country and world and I am so grateful to be back. If you read the health and safety protocols in place and feel ready to attend, I encourage you to come to the Washington State Convention Center and find a breath of Spring. The show is open Feb 9-13 in downtown Seattle. 

All show details, times and programming are at

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