Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cans and Potential: Waiting For Blooms

I intended to buy new roses in 2020...and then the lockdown kept us all at home so I tended the roses in my front yard and made bouquets with the beauties that I had.  

But I can say with certainty that the restriction caused pent up demand in my head and I went a little overboard at the nurseries this year. I bought 7 new roses.

State of Grace, All Dressed Up, Celestial Night, Hot Cocoa, Marc Chagall, Oh Happy Day and Princess Alexandra of Kent. Ahem. I already had 10 that were thriving, so lot of blooms are on the horizon. I call it potential. My garden has potential. 

All of the roses are budding like crazy, we've had a week of sun in Seattle and I can't wait to make and give small bouquets away in my favorite gifting vessel: Vibrant juice cans. 

Potential: We all have potential.