Friday, September 28, 2018

Bright & Cheery:This is Flower Power

I love the happy affect that a vibrant color combination can have. When I have orange, red, pink, coral and yellow at my fingertips - Bam! Super hero color in a mini marvel package.  

I had always grown nasturtiums in pots. It may sound silly, but I didn't realize that they would happily mound on the ground as well as they have. This spring, I tucked my extra nasturtium seeds in a few spots around my rose garden and va-voom! I have lots of colorful blossoms available to expand my bouquets. Love! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A Cozy House and Dreaming of Bonfires

I took this photo in my family room because the lighting was just so and the room looked as inviting as a cup of tea. 

There is no prescribed "pop of color." I have assembled a sea of neutrals and I loved how cozy it looks. A quiet and clean space to rest and recharge. I love it here. 

Can you spot my birthday present?

It's a Light n' Go Bonfire Log! I found a wonderful new product that is a real white birch log section that has been kiln dried and turned into a portable bonfire with a paper fire-starter and a rope handle. When I saw it in a home store, I turned to Dan and stated that I must have one. 

It aligns perfectly with my idea of a Pacific Northwest adventure. I imagine driving my SUV to a remote lake shore and setting up an evening picnic dinner, complete with a campfire. It provides a clean burn without chemicals and is said to burn for about an hour & a half. I love everything about it. The irony is that my birthday is in August and after unwrapping the gift-wrapped log, Dan reminded me that it had been a dry summer and that the Seattle-area was on a burn-ban. Rats! So there it sits by my fireplace, dreaming of a future campfire.
What's funny is that a week before my birthday in August, I attended the IGC (Independent Garden Center buying show) in Chicago and met one of the Bonfire Log sales managers in their Go Log Bonfire booth. I'm sure I made an impression because I was so thrilled to see the brand in person. 

I told him I was hoping to get one and I promised to share it "in action" in my blog, once I light it. Don't you think this is a cool development in camping, backyard parties and all fire-loving activities? I just can't wait to see Dan carrying my bonfire log on a rope handle through the woods - what a hoot!

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