Friday, May 25, 2007

An Iris Farm! Yes, such a wonderful thing exists. This beauty is located at 5385 E. Traverse Highway (M-72) approximately 6 miles west of Traverse City. I can't wait to visit it this weekend - I hope they are in bloom. There are hundreds of varieties - it reminds me of a place Martha would go on her tv show. They give you a basket and scissors and send you into the field. Each stalk is $1 and usually boasts 2-3 blooms. They are glorious and you can make such a bouquet. My Mom and I go every year. I recommend taking along a bucket of water in your backseat and then you have a safe way to transport them home. You can also note which plants you love and order some for fall planting. I have a Ana DELIGHT cover featuring an iris at

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