Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh, Clafoutis!

My parents have "camp" each summer at the cottage for the grandchildren. One week for the girls, one week for the boys - and I am the "counselor." It is a wonderful time full of summer fun. This week I had the girls with me at the tiny grocery store buying supplies, when a woman realized we were all at "camp," loved the idea that, as an Aunt, I got to spend quality time with the kids and offered her entire cherry orchard to us. "Come pick cherries, take pictures, enjoy the view, the place is yours!" It was wonderful. Now what do you do when you have lots of fresh picked cherries and no "Kirschen-wacker" (what I call my German-made cherry pitting machine) make Cherry Clafoutis! I remembered this rustic French recipe from a Williams-Sonoma catalog. The best part? Purists leave the pits in to perfume the dish. "Girls, we are purists!" I announced. It tastes like a thick sweet crepe - try it!

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