Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gift Wrapping Party

My friend, Suzanne, hosts an annual Psychic Gift Wrap party. By the 3rd week in December, every minute of holiday prep counts. She thought that instead of wrapping presents alone in her spare bedroom, it would be more fun to make a party out of it. She provides drinks, snacks and has card tables set up with scissors, tape etc. She also has a local psychic on hand to give 30-min consultations on the upcoming year. We arrive with shopping bags full of treasures, spend a few hours talking and laughing with our girlfriends and magically leave with one more task checked off our list. This year my gift wrap color scheme is aqua & coffee (from Target) with faux birch boxes and recycled maps to keep it interesting. When I wrap with a map, I use an adhesive crystal to mark a location significant to that person. When my Mom saw these presents above she said, "I want mine wrapped in a map!" I knew she'd love it.

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