Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dick & Jane Baking Company

Today I spent the morning with my brother, Dick, working on marketing materials for SMART cookies. They feature the 50 states & their capitals and are made by the Dick and Jane Baking Company.

Yes, my brother's name is Dick, his wife is Jane (and she's a 2nd grade teacher) and they have their own line of educational cute is that?

I like to snack on SMART cookies and say things like..."Florida is delicious." or "I ate the Midwest."


Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

Hi! Anne....I Just LOVE those cookies.. I could eat the whole US!!!! So happy I finally visited you..I'm a front pager....@ Make Mine Pink and read the wonderful "Women Who Inspire" Article on you! I will be back very soon...need those cookies!! LOL

Anne Reeves said...

Hi Cindy. Thanks for coming by!