Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In honor of the new Martha Stewart "Color" issue, I have taken a photograph of thread.
When I was 8 and first saw a Coats & Clark thread display, it was love at first sight. I remember feeling giddy when I realized that they were for sale...that I could choose color after color and have them to look at all the time. It was purely form over function. I didn't know how to sew, but I had to have that thread.
To add to the mystique, my maternal grandmother had small James Bond-inspired dresser in her bedroom. From the front it looked like a 4-drawer dresser, but when you pushed on it, the entire facade spun to reveal a secret place to stash your sewing supplies. Every chance I got, I'd push on the cabinet door to peek at the spools and thimbles and needles, oh my. Sewing was obviously very important and very special to have a cabinet like this. Yes, when someone says "color" I think thread. What do you think of?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I have always liked displays with spools of thread and all the fancy colors. But what comes to mind are the empty spools. I was a boy during World War II and my mother volunteered with a local red cross to create bandages for soldiers. She collected the empty spools and they became a plaything. I would guess we had 150 or more with various designs, names, etc. We played with them much the same as today's children might play with small blocks. I often wonder where the box of spools went when we broke up Mom's & Dad's place. Thanks for the memory. Jim