Friday, April 25, 2008

Tulip Time

Check your calendar - Tulip Time is May 3-10 this year in Holland, Michigan. A festival that celebrates Dutch heritage, tulips bulbs and community fun, Tulip Time is a major event in western Michigan that draws over a half a million visitors. "Klompen Dancers" dressed in traditional Dutch attire (handmade) wear real wooden shoes (ouch) and perform folk dances in the street. Cute, eh? What if I told you that over 1,400 dancers participate? Tulips are taken seriously in Holland, Michigan. An incredible 6 miles of city streets are planted with tulip bulbs in the Fall, so when Tulip Time arrives the streets are blooming. I really enjoyed myself last year - drinking lemonade, strolling the town & watching the occasional "klompen dance." It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. While in Holland, stop at the Veldheer tulip farm, where you can see 5 million tulips blooming, seriously.

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