Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Neighborhood

Sometimes I wonder why I don't work in a bakery.  I would love love love to be able to pipe frosting on gingerbread houses all day.  I stopped in my tracks in the bakery section of Central Market in Houston when I saw this gingerbread neighborhood!  It was a sight to see.

I'm convinced that I am genetically predisposed to love baking.  I get sentimental when the special displays are set up in the grocery store - candied orange peel, new cartons of baking powder, bars of baker's chocolate - "Hello, old friends!"

I "collect" colored sugar and sprinkles like it was embroidery floss or watercolor paints.  Color is color and I have to have it, no matter the medium.  Do you fell this way?  Is your DNA coded for baking?

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