Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Decorations

So far, this is my favorite holiday light display. I was in Houston, Texas last week (stay tuned for a City Series on Houston after Christmas) and noticed so many kinds of Christmas decorations that I've never seen in Michigan.

One grand display I saw was a neighborhood that had white lights strung along subdivision streets for what felt like a thousand feet! Hundreds of 4 foot high poles suspend strand after strand of small white lights. These poles are placed 6 feet apart and, when wrapped with white lights and connected, they create a rail of light that lines the street in mid-air. It is simply beautiful decoration that is easy for neighbors to participate in.

The charming Christmas tree shown here wins my award for most creative.  This "tree" is made completely of lights! Solid strands of green lights are attached to the facade of a fireplace. Then multicolor lights become the ornaments and a red tube light represents the string of lights. Do you love it? I thought you would!

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