Thursday, August 2, 2012

Edible Art: Sliced Grapes

In your wildest culinary moment, have you ever sliced a grape?  Me neither, but look at how beautiful it looks in this collage of edible items called lunch.  I was served this mini-masterpiece at the tiny Scandinavian shop called Punzel (near Interlochen, Michigan) last year and I took a good five minutes photographing each part.

Lunches are created one-by-one for a small number of guests each week.  They layer cheeses, edible flowers, Scandinavian breads and fresh fruit to create little vignettes of flavor around the plate.  When I noticed that they had constructed a flower from grape slices and a fresh berry, I had to show you. 

The next time you are making a fruit salad or a lunch plate, slice some grapes.  You too can add a touch of edible art.  

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