Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eye Contact

Okay, I admit that reptiles rarely make the list of delight...but how could I not photograph this little guy (he's a little bigger than my hand) when he was giving me such great eye contact?
Ha! I knew you would think it was funny when you could see what I saw.  I think the cover of algae (correction: duckweed - thanks, Margaret!) makes him feel protected.  

I was visiting the Newport Aquarium (just over the bridge from Cincinnati, in Kentucky) with my friends and their kids last Friday and it was fun to look through at things through the eyes of a child for a while.

While the kids seemed to love the Shark Walk and Frog Bog the best, I was taken with this little guy.  More to aquatic delights tomorrow and a lunch recommendation just around the corner.


Margaret A. McGurk said...

Great picture, thanks for posting it!

That is a Nile crocodile, and its tank includes a layer of duckweed (not algae), which is the kind of vegetation it likes to use for camouflage in the wild.

Glad you had fun, and hope you can come back often!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks for the info, Margaret! I've amended the post. Glad you found me! A