Friday, August 3, 2012

The Beautiful Beach of Gulf Shores

The perfect image of Summer, don't you think?  We spent a week at steamy Gulf Shores, Alabama for a family reunion and this was my view from my rented beach "headquarters."
Can you see how they have written "Reeves" in chalk on my chaise?  Love that!  My dear friends, Melanie and Jon (remember when I visited them in Birmingham, AL?)  arranged their vacation to coincide with ours and we had a great time visiting with them at moments in between reunion festivities.

On this particular day they had found a section of the shoreline (near the Regatta Condos) with beach stations available for rent - wahoo!  It was hot, hot, hot and I needed this umbrella more than you know.  When Dan and I arrived to meet Melanie and Jon, they had already arranged for our station.  Imagine me here with a cold Diet Coke, because I never left this spot all afternoon.  It was perfect.

As for Gulf Shores in July, I cannot tell a lie.  In the summertime, it is TOO hot for this Michigan girl.  If you are determined to visit this area, be sure to book in the shoulder seasons.  

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