Friday, August 10, 2012

Luscious Knit Scarf

I thought that I had already knit all the scarves I could possibly need.  And then I saw the new "Really Big" yarn (colorway: Rainbow) by Bernat when I was shopping at Michael's Craft.  I found myself redefining need and ultimately gave in and bought myself a few skeins to start a new project.

I finished a short chunky scarf (really more of a neck wrap) in 2 sittings while watching the Olympics and it really felt good.  A comfortable spot on the couch, my plastic "walrus teeth" needles (Size 50!) clicking and clacking and an unlimited stream uplifting stories about pride, determination, teamwork and skill. 

One of my favorite Olympic moments was when the family of one of the swimmers was in the stands with their relation to her written on their foreheads in eyeliner: Dad, Mom, Sis.  It was adorable and their love for her was literally written all over their faces.

I am loving Summer and I'm not at all ready for Fall...but look how cute I will look this Winter!  I have a puffy raspberry Winter parka and now I'm all set.

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