Monday, August 20, 2012

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I am having a great day.  It is 78 degrees and sunny, my best friend took me out for lunch and a cupcake and I had this bouquet from the garden on my kitchen counter all week.  Yes, things are just great.

Over the years I have trumpeted celebrating my birthday over the entire month of August (and believe me I still am!) because I think it is important to recognize yourself and celebrate the fact that you are alive.  

If I'm overdoing it, it is so that I might somehow give you (my readers) permission to indulge and spoil yourself too.  A bit like, "If Anne is celebrating all month, I can at least do this (fill in blank) for myself."

Is it working?  I hope so.  Life is a gift, full of trials and tribulations, triumphs and treasures.  When your birthday rolls around, you certainly need some cake and ice cream.  It's my way of being thankful.

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