Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Why Anne Reeves?

For those of you who are new to my blog, I'd like to answer the question: Who am I and why am I writing so extensively on the Northwest Floral and Garden Show

I am a blogger who writes about things that bring delight - food, design, travel, garden, crafts, sugar, ribbon etc. I've publish over 2,000 posts these last 7 years, all with my original photography. I have also written 3 books on Moments of Delight, Finding Delight and Paris: Delight in the City of Light

In terms of gardening:
I am a suburban gardener from Southeastern Michigan and I'm suddenly spending a lot of time in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

I probably love a lot of things that you love and after years of hearing about the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I had the chance to go - and with only a week's notice! I wanted to get the most out of this exciting chance and after 5 hours coming the aisles, I feel like I got a good handle on the show.

My husband will be working in Seattle a lot this year and I'll be coming with him. After a few great trips last year, I will have the chance to dig even deeper into the subjects I love in a brand new setting.

This week I will have individual blog posts about all of the things I enjoyed  at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I was impressed by the sheer volume of vendors selling not only garden tools and implements, but also plants, indoor/outdoor artwork, garden design elements, water features as well as clothing, hats and clogs that make a day outdoors more pleasant. Stick with me and I'll fill you in.


Anchor Cottage said...

Thank you for taking us through the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I liked the "seed packet" art!

Anne Reeves said...

My pleasure! Thanks for commenting; I hope all is well. I've got some more great blog posts coming up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne. Or should I say 'bonjour'? -Jeff from Minneapolis (and, unfortunately, not in Paris)

Anne Reeves said...

Hello, Jeff from Minn! Thanks for reading!