Saturday, June 30, 2018

Blue Angels Air Show: Traverse City

Yes, this is the photo that says it all. It was a beautiful day and I was in the perfect spot to enjoy the Blue Angels air show. You need to know that this photo is unedited. I aimed my iPhone to the sky and this is the photo I captured - I was thrilled when I saw that you could read U.S. Navy on each plane. Wahoo! 
I have been watching the Blue angels perform at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan since the late 1990's. My paternal grandmother loved the Blue Angels and I have great memories of driving into the town with my parents and Nama, excited to watch the air show from a parking lot. Back then, we watched from the intersection of M-72 and M-22 (W Grandview Parkway). We didn't take many pictures because it was the era of film and the pictures rarely worked out. 

The Blue Angels tend to perform to Traverse City every other year. When I'm in Michigan, my friends and I meet for lunch and viewing (just north of our old spot) at Harrington's By The Bay. The food is delicious and the location is ideal to watch the show.

I found this great YouTube video of the Blue Angels flying at the National Cherry Festival this year posted by TRYPlaneSpotting. It is nothing short of spectacular.
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