Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Borner Vegetable Shredder is a Treasure

How is it possible that I found a second complete Borner V-Slicer set at a rummage sale? I found the first at a church rummage sale in Birmingham, Michigan in 2011. It was wrapped in a bag with the instructions rubber-banded to the exterior and was $4. It included all of the mandolin slicing blades, plus a host of extras like a tool to turn the peel of an orange into a flower and a stand-alone blade that shredded zucchini or lemon zest. 
I may have been the only one who knew what it was on sight, and quickly snapped it up. I priced the piece of that set online and I think it was around $150 retail. I have treasured this set and laugh when I think of its origin. Did a mother-in-law buy it for a daughter-in-law that didn't cook? Was it a well-meaning husband's birthday gift? It had never been used - ever. All of the packaging and original plastic wrap was still on every piece. I had to leave it in Michigan until we finally sell our house and move everything. And frankly, I have missed being able to use it.

Fast forward to 2015, last Friday in fact, when I heard of a local church "garage sale" to benefit Habitat for Humanity. I love to look for treasures and I still can't believe that I found another never-been-used set! This one for a mere $2. 

Thanks to my new treasure-hunting turf, my vegetable shredding plans are back on track. 

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