Thursday, October 12, 2017

Reclaimed Silver Pieces Shine

I have to write about this silver-plate coffee pot & creamer transformation! I snagged these treasures the end of September at the Faith Church annual rummage sale in Issaquah, WA.

Would you believe the coffee pot was marked $3? I saw the potential and knew that at the very least I could fill it with flowers. The hinge at the lid was bent and Dan is charged with bending/fixing it back. I found the matching creamer on the floor below the table and the church lady "threw it in" because they shouldn't be separated. Score.

Once home, I pulled out a container of Weiman Silver Wipes which I think I bought at the Container Store, but had never used. 

Um...boy do they work! I spent about 20 minutes rubbing, rinsing and buffing dry. Piece of cake! Wear disposable gloves and make your holidays shine!

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