Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market: Can You Hear My Heart A Flutter

Sometimes you walk into a new place and see something that confirms you're in the right place. My oh my, look at this kaleidoscope of color. Fresh and fragrant roses on display at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market
I have wanted to visit this private wholesale market for ages. I follow them on Instagram @seattlewholesalegrowersmarket so I am reminded regularly of their beautiful and unusual offerings.

On the website, the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market describe themselves as "a co-operative of flower growers and all year round we bring the best flowers in the Pacific Northwest to our member-owned market." The market is open to the public on Fridays from 10-12. 

My 2 college friends, Tracy & Kerry, were in town last week. The day we set aside to tour Seattle coincided with the public day at the market. Get in the car!  
Though this morning is open to the public, the wholesale pricing is reserved for the professionals, which is only fair. I loved walking around the booths and seeing flowers right out of the field. These deep blue scabiosa (or Pincushion flower) won me over and I bought a bundle from Ojeda Farms in Ethel, WA.  
When I was in line to pay, I had to photograph this florist's cart. She had combed the market and selected a riot of color and texture for her client. Go girl go!
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