Sunday, November 18, 2018

Friendsgiving 2018: A New Life in the Pacific Northwest

How did we get so lucky? That is a question we ask ourselves often since building a house in a new neighborhood on Seattle's East side. 

Our neighbors are a kind and happy group that love to gather and connect. My grandmother always said to me, " You've got to make your own fun."  The fun this neighborhood has cooked up so far (Block Party, Gingerbread House Making, Ladies Night, Cooking Class, Succulent Party) has been part of our successful transition to the West coast. 
A few weeks ago, our neighbors A & A declared that a neighborhood Friendsgiving was in order. They said, "Bring 2 sides, salads or desserts and come have a feast with us in mid-November." They cooked 2 huge turkeys (roasted & deep fried) and the neighbors supplied the rest of the food and chaos. I brought my striped mashed potatoes (it was gone in a flash) and a sheet pan pecan pie.
They managed to provide seating for 30 (!) and the house looked warm and welcoming. Twinkle lights, fresh flowers and food. Again, how could we be so lucky? I hugged ladies from my street. I met husbands that I've only seen through Facebook. I heard stories about moving in, growing up and starting fresh. We had the conversations we needed to make friends and build relationships.

Just before the meal, the host raised a glass and said that he didn't know if we realized it, but he & A had moved into their house 1 year ago that day. Their happy home that was currently brimming with voices and laughter was mostly filled with people they had met within the last year. He thought that it was incredible and so did we. We all silently acknowledged how grateful we were for this same group of people for the very same reasons.  

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Friendsgiving. May these new friendships continue to grow and thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Amen.

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