Monday, December 3, 2018

Wreath Making: Grab Some Greens and Go

Tah-dah! I made a fresh evergreen wreath for my front door. I had been hanging onto a wire wreath form with ties for ages (honestly, I think I moved it with me from Michigan) when I saw piles of fresh evergreen boughs at Squak Mountain Nursery and the wheels started turning. I bought a few bundles of juniper, cedar and pine and thought, let's give it a go.
All I needed was a paddle of green floral wire and a Corona Flex-dial ComfortGel Bypass pruner. I went at it with confidence, knowing that first I would fasten the pieces of greenery to the wire frame with the wreath ties. Then I knew I could go back and tighten and tweak the arrangement by tightly wrapping the green floral wire around everything again. It wasn't pretty, but I did it! 

If you look above at my finished wreath, you'll see that it isn't a perfect circle and I have quite a few drooping areas, but I think that's okay. I secured some of my vintage ornaments onto the wreath with thick-coated floral wire. I also made a multi-strand bow with an assortment of ribbons that I had. I felt that this type of bow was in keeping with the vintage-vibe. 

All in all, I'm pretty proud of myself. My wreath looked pretty and I had a unique touch on my front door. I hung it on the door with a magnetic hook and misted it occasionally to help keep it fresh.

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