Sunday, January 24, 2021

Exploring Seattle Parks: Get Some Fresh Air

A sunny Saturday in Seattle is a gift, especially in January. We've all been indoors so much lately, it felt imperative that we get out and take a walk. I told Dan that I really wanted to be near the water, so he looked on a map and chose Lincoln Park, not far from Alki Beach in West Seattle, for our afternoon jaunt. 
The approach to the water level walking paths is a very long steep walkway. I stopped halfway down to take this photo because the steep slope, trees, and vista felt like we were in Europe. I bet it is gorgeous in the spring when eveerything is verdent green and these trees are blooming. We must come back in March.

This park is near the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. As we approached, I told Dan that I'd been to this little area before...this was where I took the ferry home from Vashon Island when I went to Camp Thundercraft! That little tidbit reminded me of the glory days when I first arrived in Seattle and was bounding all over the city exploring.

After a nice walk, we made our way back to some benches and sat and watched the water. It was clear and cold and just what I needed to feel like I'd blown the fog out of my brain a little bit. I could actually feel the warm of the sun on my face. Please make sure you are getting some fresh air, even if it is just opening a window for a while. 

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